Controls and Compliance

Real property investments are also financial investments with complex and dynamic factors impacting performance.  Understanding where the investment stands through financial control and reporting is essential to any owner.  Our experienced team manages, controls and reports on all types of real estate investments, complying with rigorous institutional capital requirements every day.  We seamlessly integrate all our internal teams and our client requirements from the start of the acquisition process. Our financial reporting team have extensive experience in transaction accounting including acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring and refinancing. We produce financial statements in a number of basis including GAAP (historical basis or fair value), accrual, cash & tax basis.         

MRI Software with Avidxchange for accounts payables is our standard accounting platform. We also work with Yardi, and other platforms as needed. Our financial and accounting professionals are the best in the business.  We look forward to working with our clients on their unique requirements.