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Our team offers extraordinary experience combined with a creative, entrepreneurial and passionate approach to real estate. Our talent for collaboration and knowledge of our target markets enable us to identify opportunities and guide investment strategy to yield predictable value and superior results time and again.

We work closely with our investment partners and project teams to deliver and operate properties that are setting new standards in some of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world. We embrace bold opportunities with enthusiasm and a discerning eye — exploring investment potential to realize optimal value for our partners.

We believe great ideas in real estate require careful thought, meticulous planning and superior execution to bring them to reality. Our strategies are measured against critical benchmarks throughout the project’s life from the earliest acquisition and pre-development phases through final marketing and leasing. We improve and refine our approach based on real world experience — ensuring only the most effective and productive strategies are used from start to finish.

Our development team is both nimble and experienced — encompassing activities ranging from renovation and delivery of existing buildings to purchasing raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels. Our team targets ground-up development and redevelopment of office, residential, industrial, hotel and mixed-use property. As one of the most active real estate companies in the market, we provide real-time understanding of market dynamics, emerging trends, and supply and demand.  Our professional culture supports (some would say requires) a collaborative, team-oriented approach—resulting in superior information, ideas and outcomes.



Over time, our colleagues have developed a wealth of knowledge and deep relationships with the industry’s best and brightest professionals. We have a profound understanding of what will work for the communities in which we build, renovate, and create.  We address the environmental, economic, physical and political issues inherent in a complex development project, converting ideas into successful investments. Our reputation for success is built on hard work, skills, knowledge, and our expertise in coordinating the complex series of interrelated steps from inception to completion.

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We believe
great ideas in real estate require
  • Careful Thought
  • Meticulous Planning
  • Superior Execution

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of each local economy, we are able to identify and quickly seize new opportunities. Our deep technical and market expertise, partnered with strong third party consultant relationships, enable us to complete fast and thorough due diligence efforts for our capital partners.

Since the company’s founding in 2005, our team has worked with those partners in all product types to deploy $4.1 billion (total capitalization), an average of over $300 million per year.

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Office Development & Renovations

MRP is dedicated to building iconic, memorable, and successful office and mixed-use properties. We maximize returns for investors by developing thoughtful, innovative places of the highest quality. We build to enrich the neighborhoods in which we develop and for the people who open our doors every day. We believe that when it comes to office development and renovation, there’s harmony between practicality and innovation, design and function, and staying on track while thinking outside the box. We build places where people don’t just come to work, they come to create their own workplace environment.

Property Management

As property owners, MRP recognizes superior property management as a key component of sustaining and raising a property’s value. Exceptional property management services are a key part of MRP-managed properties optimizing tenant retention, financial performance, and operational excellence. Our portfolio ranges from Class-A office and suburban mixed-use parks to transformative new urban developments in the DC Metro, Philadelphia, and New York City markets.

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When developing a new residential property, our focus is twofold: maximizing returns for our investors and producing the highest quality multifamily projects in our diverse markets. We’ve built a team of senior-level residential real estate experts whose combined experience has generated over $3 billion in property development, from new development to historic renovations.

We are always looking for new opportunities to build lasting residential legacies. Whether that means acquiring existing projects and realizing their full potential, placing capital onto current assets, or ground up development, we create value through deep knowledge of the residential landscape, thoughtful design, engaging messaging and trusted relationships with our partners and the communities we serve.

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We understand that superior property management is critically important to any underlying real estate value creation strategy. Because we are owners ourselves, we see the important role that property managers play in protecting and enhancing the investment. That’s why we made the commitment to create a “best in class” standard of operation and began providing in house property management in 2010.

Our current portfolio ranges from sophisticated Class A office properties and suburban mixed-use parks to transformative new urban developments in the D.C. Metro area, Philadelphia and New York City. We communicate proactively, consistently and timely to clients, tenants and vendors and area proud of the strong and trusted working relationships we’ve built at our properties. MRP’s approach to Property Management is broken down into three priorities:

Tenant Satisfaction – We maintain a tenant focused culture of exemplary service at every level of the organization.  Our teams ensure first-class customer service proactive engagement and timely issue resolution. 

Financial Performance – We understand our clients’ financial goals, taking action to achieve them and closely tracking performance of the asset to ensure success.

Operational Excellence – Our teams protect property infrastructure and systems through best-in-class inspections and preventive maintenance. We strategically evaluate and present potential capital investments to improve asset performance and property value.

We deliver on each of these priorities by hiring, training and retaining the best people in the market. Great people doing great work, supported by great systems and collaboration with experienced colleagues is our recipe for success. Managers work closely with asset management, leasing, accounting, construction, and engineering. This coordinated approach ensures that all the best ideas are surfaced, all the major issues are well understood, and all the right solutions are implemented.   

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MRP provides project-level oversight at every stage of the construction process. Additional costs that often overtake a project can be easily avoided through our detailed preparation, thorough analysis and focused execution. Our team members identify opportunities that provide added value; manage and reduce potential risks; and enhance overall building quality throughout each phase of construction.

We’re proud that our construction management teams have so frequently been lauded for high standards of quality assurance and control. Whether for a ground-up project, major building alterations or a tenant build-out, our experienced construction management team works diligently to ensure that our projects are completed on time and on budget.

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  • Construction Consulting

No matter the size or scope of the property, our asset managers adopt a “hands-on” perspective and work collaboratively with each capital partner to establish a winning strategy for their investment. Our nimble structure and robust system provides the overarching framework for teams from asset management, accounting, property management, engineering, construction management, and leasing to deliver uniquely effective real estate investment results that include landlord/tenant relations; budgeting; operating expense analysis and control; real estate tax and insurance reviews; capital improvement plans; energy management programs; lease analysis and market positioning.

We approach each investment under management with singular focus on improving property value and increasing investor returns. Our asset and portfolio management team continuously strives to be the best in the market. Our pragmatic and holistic approach to an asset combined with our focus on detail and execution gives us and our investors a competitive advantage.

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Controls &

Real property investments are also financial investments with complex and dynamic factors impacting performance.  Understanding where the investment stands through financial control and reporting is essential to any owner.  Our experienced team manages, controls and reports on all types of real estate investments, complying with rigorous institutional capital requirements every day.  We seamlessly integrate all our internal teams and our client requirements from the start of the acquisition process. Our financial reporting team have extensive experience in transaction accounting including acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring and refinancing. We produce financial statements in a number of basis including GAAP (historical basis or fair value), accrual, cash & tax basis.         

MRI Software with Avidxchange for accounts payables is our standard accounting platform. We also work with Yardi, and other platforms as needed. Our financial and accounting professionals are the best in the business.  We look forward to working with our clients on their unique requirements.

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MRP’s Urban Industrial practice focuses on multi-tenanted industrial and flex projects located close to urban centers. We apply the strengths of our asset management, leasing, marketing, property management and financial reporting teams to enhance relationships among tenants, and improve their own visibility in the marketplace.  We bring new ideas, energy and focus to the financial success of each business as well as the project as a whole.  In fact, we treat Urban Industrial as we do retail by partnering with tenants to ensure they thrive and grow.  This enhances the revenue stream for our property investors and benefits our tenants by providing top quality service and support for them to run their operations efficiently and effectively.  Our active approach to helping tenants succeed in urban industrial projects is what sets us apart.  Take a look at the project links to see real time examples of our Urban Industrial strategy.

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