Townhall is an office space solution that adapts to the changing needs of its clients. Businesses will find more flexibility, shared amenities, and have access to dynamic and scalable office spaces.

Taking a Scalable Approach

Business growth necessitates new office space with more flexible lease terms. As operations grow, clients can choose from spaces that are as dynamic, adaptive and scalable as the business themselves.

Flexible and Readily Available

Skip the costly, time-consuming office buildout. Townhall features a diverse collection of properties in accessible and vibrant locations, enabling clients to position their workforce quickly and easily.

Fully Amenitized

Thoughtful and innovative designs maximize function and comfort, while featuring the latest technology and top-of-the-line amenities. Our Townhall space fuels clients with an ideal balance of productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Townhall Benefits


Shorter lease terms allow for maximum flexibility to expand within the Townhall neighborhood as needed.


With office spaces ranging from 1,500 sq. ft. – 5,000 sq. ft., The Townhall neighborhood is designed to meet evolving client needs.


Premium amenities and open, adaptable floorplans foster an engaging work experience for employees.


Thoughtful amenities including gaming rooms, open ceilings, and abundant natural light. Modern floor plans create an atmosphere that promotes efficiency, creativity and greater job satisfaction.

Bridging Gaps

Townhall provides the link between tradition office and flexible coworking space, bridging the gap in the office ecosystem.


Today’s workforce places a strong emphasis on building authentic, impactful connections. Townhall enables business owners to provide space for themselves and employees to collaborate, socialize, and network with their teams and other businesses.


A full service-suite solution that is move-in ready for your business.