Building Inclusive Communities

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Expanding Affordable Housing

MRP is dedicated to contributing back to our communities by combining philanthropy and private industry through the inclusionary housing effort.  We work with city official and developer partners to provide transformational growth opportunities for both residents and community small businesses in order do our part in creating sustainable neighborhoods.

MRP is a leader in the DC region with 943 affordable units delivered & in the pipeline, constituting 20% of MRP’s current and future residential development projects.

Our commitment to developing the highest standard multifamily projects in both mixed-market-rate and 100% workforce housing properties, advances our goal of building lasting residential legacies tenfold. We are champions of the ideal that the quality of affordable housing be equivalent to the high quality living we develop as our standard, and work through all our residential projects to incorporate high design, quality materials, and impeccable amenities to each project.

A Robust Affordable Program
Solstice I – 100% with 137 Units at 50% AMI or below
Elevation at Washington Gateway – 32 units at 50% AMI or below
The Wren DC – 132 units at 50% AMI or below
Maren at Capitol Riverfront – 23 units at 50% AMI or below
Dock79 at Capitol Riverfront – 25 units at 50% AMI or below
Coda on H – 9 units at 30% and 50% AMI or below
Coda at Bryant Street – 11 units at 50% AMI or below

Delivering Soon

Solstice II – 100% with 95 units at 60% AMI or below
Washington Gateway Phase II – 31 units at 50% AMI or below
Washington Gateway Phase III – 23 units at 60% AMI or below
41 L Street – units at 80% AMI or below
Chase at Bryant Street – 34 units at 50%, 60%, and 100% AMI
Northwest One – 150 units at 30% and 60% AMI
1133 North Capital – Redevelopment of DCHA Headquarters including mixed-used and affordable residential